JHTR Horse Show & BBQ

JHTR riders participate in an organized horse show at our arena. Ribbons are awarded to every participant. Participants get to show off their equitation skills for their friends and family. After the events, our volunteers, staff, participants and their friends and family share a BBQ and a potluck dinner.

C-V Horse Show

C-V students participate in an organized horse show at our JHTR Arena. Ribbons are awarded to every rider after a fun competition based on both equitation skills and a timed-event. Pizza and cake are served afterwards, and we love the opportunity to spend some relaxing time with our volunteers and C-V participants.

Special Olympics

A statewide competition, held in Casper, WY, where our riders get to show off their equestrian skills in a variety of events. Horsemanship in both Western and English Equitation, trail riding skills, gymkhana games (speed and agility), drill teams, and even dressage! The riders are judged on their balance, stability, and having the right communication between themselves and their horse. It is exhilarating, exciting, and, above all, fun for everyone who attends. Our heartfelt thanks to Kent and Pegi Bernard for making Special Olympics possible for our participants.


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