To fulfill our participants’ needs, we rely on a team of strong, compassionate, and patient horses. At JHTR, our horses are our most valuable employees—our therapeutic partners. These incredible animals enhance the quality of life for hundreds of people in the course of their career. As such, the success of our program hinges on our investment in and maintenance of these healers.

$3,500 Covers the feed, medications/supplements, farrier services, veterinary care, and pasture of one horse for an entire year. Horse sponsors at this level will be displayed on our website and in our annual newsletter.

$500 Provides feed for one horse for an entire year.

$100 Provides the supplements for one horse for a month.

$25 Provides a bag a yummy treats for our hardworking herd.

All sponsorship levels are appreciated and help to ensure our horses receive the love and care they deserve.

Please consider making your 100% tax deductible donation today!


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